We have the technology for its

aplication to every need

development of products based on
polymer and silicone gel for orthopedic
applications and toes care
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Our facilities are at the forefront of technology for the injection of polymer gels and silicones. Robotics, automation or precision casting, among others, make up the latest generation machinery of our facilities, providing our range with the best quality, with the best precision. All this allows us to offer the best price to our customers.
innovation & development
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Research and development in our company is not an obligation, it is our only way of understanding our work. In our staff we have people of great experience and extensive reputation that help our product and our range to be bigger and better every day that passes. You do not believe it? We invite you to put us to the test.
We has more than thirty years in the foot care sector. Podiatrists, orthopedists, traumatologists and surgeons have been accompa-nying us throughout our career, helping us from the be-ginning to the development of new products. Our latest generation machinery and the way of understanding our work is a guarantee of success.


for foot confort

Our products are aimed at the help and care of the foot with specialized products for good walking and body wellness.

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