We have more than 30 years working with the most recognized professionals in the professional foot care.

NAKAMICHI GEL CORPORATION, S.L., is a specialized company dedicated to the development of products based on polymer gel and silicone for orthopedics, chiropody and foot care in general.

These two materials, their knowledge, their study, their research and their applications are the basis to offer new solutions to the podiatry market.

Our specialization means that we can offer the latest developments, both in materials and applications of all types of products related to the care, treatment and prevention of foot injuries and other applications in the orthopedic field.

Our R & D department focuses its effort and knowledge on researching and developing new, more competitive and high quality products to satisfy the market and the podiatry professionals.

Our international presence in more than 25 countries allows us to observe, study and develop the new needs of our customers, creating a continuous evolution in our product proposal and making us leaders in areas of the European market.


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For several years, and with a long career in the podiatric market, our company, NAKAMICHI GEL CORPORATION, SL (hereinafter NAKAMICHI) is born as a specialized company dedicated to the development of products based on polymer gel and silicone in orthopedics and foot care. The study, research and applications of polymer gel and silicone in orthopedics are the basis of our continuous work and desire to excel.


We have modern facilities located on Caiguda Street, corner of Les Pallises, plot 21 bis, in the Les Eres Industrial Estate, in Benaguasil (Valencia).

We carry out specialized work, which means that we can offer the latest developments, both in materials and applications, of all types of products related to care, treatment and prevention of foot injuries and other applications in orthopedics.

We invest all our R + D + i effort and knowledge. Investigate and develop new competitive products both in quality and innovation, for which we have a human team with great expertise in biomechanics and anatomy, working, in addition, in collaboration with reputed health professionals.

The satisfaction of our customers is a basic priority of the company, so we work to:

  • Ensure compliance with your requirements.

  • Development and innovation in new products.

  • Ensure compliance with your requirements.

  • Improvement in delivery times and in the overall quality of the product.

For this, the NAKAMICHI Management is committed through the following Integrated Management Policy, to the fulfillment of the following fundamental objectives and requirements: 

  • Comply with the Legal Requirements applicable to Class I Health Products.

  • Meet the quality requirements of customers.

  • Maintain the effectiveness and continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.

  • Periodically review the quality and environment objectives.

  • Communicate the present Integrated Policy within the organization, publish and disseminate to other interested parties.

  • Minimize the impacts produced by our activity, correctly managing the waste generated during the production process, optimizing the consumption of raw materials and involving all the company's personnel. Always maintaining a constant commitment to the protection and respect for the environment and the prevention of pollution and compliance with applicable legislation.

For this reason, NAKAMICHI is committed to the participation, awareness and training of workers as a fundamental part of the management system and considers the good working environment as a fundamental key to continuous improvement, always striving to raise awareness among our staff in order to protect the environment, translating into respectful processes with it.


In order to ensure compliance with these fundamental objectives for our company, the following actions are approved:


  • Perform continuous follow-up of regulatory approval and legal requirements applicable to our products.

  • Constantly meet the needs of the client, responding to any situation of dissatisfaction, complaint and eventual claims.

  • In case of emergency situations, immediately inform the Public and Sanitary Authorities, collaborating with them in all that is necessary, speeding up any procedure that is required.

  • Maintain ongoing communications with suppliers and with interested parties, in order to improve our products and the service provided.

  • Encourage the continuous improvement of our system, reducing non-conformities that can be communicated by our customers, continuously increasing our efficiency, with the intention of improving our results.

  • Encourage the collaboration of workers and their active participation to solve problems, and apply preventive actions to prevent their appearance, involving them in the achievement of company objectives.

  • Perform internal audits of our Integrated System, applying the corrective actions that are considered necessary after the audit process.


This policy is transmitted to all staff through its publication on the bulletin boards of the plant and will be reviewed periodically.


Based on the above, the Management of NAKAMICHI GEL CORPORATION, SL assumes the maximum responsibility in the Integrated Management System, committing to ensure the means for its effectiveness, taking into account all risks, both internal and external that may affect its correct development, approving the present Policy that declares of obligatory fulfillment on the part of all the personnel of the company. "

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